An animated short about how- and why my Moluccan grandparents came to the Netherlands.  A story familiar for almost all Moluccan people in the Netherlands, but not so much to the rest of the people living here.

Made as a final project for my university minor: ‘Visualizing Information’.

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    Art Direction Illustration Animation

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The assignment

Visualize information of a personal subject in any format.

It took a while to come up with the concept for ‘disini’. As a person of mixed cultural heritage, animating the (his)story about my Moluccan grandparents sparked my interest. What led them to choose to go to the Netherlands? Was it voluntary, or maybe even forced? And why didn’t they go back home, to the Moluccas? See the answers in my final animation below

For this project I talked with my grandfather with my mom as interpreter (I’m far from fluent speaking in the Moluccan language and my grandfather knew little Dutch). My grandfather did not like to talk about the KNIL (Royal Dutch-Indies Army) period of his life hence I got only a handful of useful information.


Luckily, my maternal aunt came up with a small notebook with important dates written up by my grandfather. These notes and the additional information my grandfather told me, helped me form a rough timeline to tell the story of how and why my grandparents came to the Netherlands.     


Disini was shown at

Sept-Mar, 2016/17 – Kasteel Wijchen

Exposition ‘Wijchen en Indië’


Apr 14,2017 – Cinema Zevenskoop


Den Helder

May 30, 2020 – IndoFILMcafé

Featured on socials


Oct 21, 2012 –  Filmhuis

Disini presentation


Sept 20, 2014 –  Theater de leest



Jul 2, 2016 – Mindshakes

Article ’65 jaar Molukkers in Nederland’


Oct 1, 2011 –  1951-2011

60 jaar Molukkers in Nederland

Den Bosch

Oct 19, 2011 – Museum Bronbeek

Exposition ‘Indië in strips en beeld’


Sept 29, 2012 – Expositie

Maluku Tenggara bertemu Ommen


Nov 7, 2010 –  Museum Maluku

Presents: Moviestars


Jan 22, 2011 –  Pakhuis de Zwijger

Buat jongerendag


Sept-Nov, 2011 –  IndoFILMCafé

Opening for a 3 month exposition


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