May 3, 2010

Mini: How do you drive your coffee

To boost extra sales for MINI, JWT Amsterdam thought of a way to link your driving style to a specific coffee. The idea became a nominee for prestigious advertisement awards so JWT Amsterdam asked me to illustrate the case video for MINI’s ‘How do you drive your coffee’. Which would then be sent in to the judges.

  • Design

    Art Direction Illustration Animation

  • Client


The assignment

Illustrate the case video for the ADCN awards

Illustrating a case video for MINI was one of those projects at JWT Amsterdam I was really amped about. Apart from illustrating visuals for the case video, infographics for the website were also needed. 

Case videos can be selected as nominees for big advertisement prizes. MINI: How do you drive your coffee fortunately did. 

The creative team


Richard Beerens


Fâris van de Lisdonk

Kyoko Takeshita


Triple Digits

Executive Creative Director

Bas Korsten

Art Director

Jeena van der Heul


Friso Ludenhoff

Jeena van der Heul

Programs used

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