REWIND has functional outdoor gear to help you embrace your outdoors and recharge yourself.

My job was to illustrate these products conform supplied brand guide and pre designed assets like shapes and textures. Aside from product illustrations, each product needed icons describing their key features.

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    Art Direction Illustration

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    the Cool Club by Wonderland

The assignment

We at Boost Group need illustrations and icons for our retail camping products.

Boost Group is an agency that creates loyalty programs shopper experiences for the retail industry. They launched their own brand ReWind: a high-performance technical equipment that is functional, stylish and affordable.

Their product packaging needed semi-realistic illustrations, though leaving me some artistic freedom.   


A nice change in between illustrating all those products was creating a product icon set to go with the full lineup. Each product needed tailor made icons for the packaging to visualize product specifications. I had the opportunity to create a visual style for some 50+ icons. 

Imaged is a small range of the icons created for ReWind.  

A complete product packaging range

Curious to see all illustrations? Go check out the full range of products at: